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Classic Oscillating Saw Blades
——Standard Tooth Blades

Classic Oscillating Saw Blades ——Standard Tooth Blades

Classic Oscillating Saw Blades, Standard Tooth Blades

You can always trust a classic, because it has stood the test of time.

Table of Contents

1. Why Oscillating Saw Blades?
2. Why Standard Tooth Blades?
3. Why AugTouf 50pcs Universal Oscillating Saw Blades?

Why Oscillating Saw Blades?

Oscillating multi-tool is one of the favorites among professional contractors and DIYers. The reason of its popularity owns to its wide use in our daily life. Oscillating saw blades are easy to get handy, even for a new beginner, and its small size is good enough to fit in narrow work places which can’t be done by other power tools. With the right oscillating tool blades and accessories, you can cut, grind, sand, polish and scrape, and for many experts, oscillating tools can do more than these.

Why Standard Tooth Blades?

Standard tooth blade is a classic type in the big family of oscillating saw blades. For both skilled workers and beginners, standard tooth blade is a reliable choice and a must-buy item for its wide applications in home improvement. It can be used in nail cutting, plaster cutting and drywall cutting, especially good for timber processing.

Why Standard Tooth Blades?

Why AugTouf 50pcs Universal Oscillating Saw Blades?

Our AugTouf oscillating saw blades set has 50 pcs of 8 1/2 inch the most universal fit size used in home DIY and home improvement. Saw blades are consumables because of its material and main applications, so this 50 pcs set can be used for a long time and just for one purchase.

High carbon steel is widely used for making saw blades because of its good hardness and wear-resistance after quenching process. So oscillating saw blades are perfect for wood cutting, plaster cutting and drywall cutting.

There are both imperial and metric scales marked on the surface to help you with some accurate construction.

Why Standard Tooth Blades?

Universal Compatible Blade chunk design. Our blades can be used with most oscillating power tools in marketing, such as Fein Multimaster, Ryobi, Milwaukee, Hitachi, Black & Decker, Chicago, Craftsman, and Dewalt.

No matter where you are in woodworking, our 50 pcs set can work for you. Now, don’t be hesitated to buy our Augtouf 50pcs Professional Universal Oscillating Saw Blades in an incredible price!

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