Quality Tools,
From The Source.

Who We Are

A non-branded online tool accessories store that directly sources from top-brands' manufacturers.
up-to 80%
savings for the exact same quality as "Big Names" of tools
world-class factories (the same ones behind your favorite brands)
happy customers who saved with toolant

How it works?

No Middleman

Distributors and retailers (sometimes quite a few) buy products in bulk from brands and significantly mark up the prices before turning around and selling them to you. We partner with the world's best manufacturers and sell directly to our customers, so that you pay 30-50% less for the exact same quality.


No Excessive Marketing Expenses

Toolant isn't a brand. "Brands" buy goods in a large volume from manufacturers at huge discounts and plan 10%-30% of sales as marketing expense. We cut down that part of cost and pass the savings on to you. Our simple hope is to be your trustworthy tools partner and make reasonable money from your coming again and again.


No over-packaging

Traditionally, "brands" invest considerable cost into packaging for a fine in-store display, but often in a bulky way to prevent damage during several logistics transfers. Shopping on toolant means supporting sustainability. We eliminate the excessive raw material while keeping product intact through logistics, so that you don't pay for the over-packaging any more.

Our Commitments


Provable Quality

We define "quality" as high performance, durability and innovative functionality since tools should be a helpful part of crafting a better life.

We allocate 40% of our personnel into product design and development to ensure top-level focus. As a china-based team with years of industry experience, we cooperate with first-class OEM/ODM manufacturers for "big-names" such as Bosch, Milwaukee, Dewalt, etc to apply cutting-edge technology and deliver stable quality.


Value-Creating Service

Our pinciple of customer service operation: findable, problem-solving and sincere. 30% of our team members along with CEO are standing by your side to answer questions and receive suggestions. As a start-up company with limited resources, we might not be able to meet all needs in no time but we will tell you what we can do promptly.

Your feedback, positive or negative, is sincerely welcomed so that we could work backwards and delve into industries, products and services for the "better".


Absolute Integrity

Selling online does not mean exaggeration. "Integrity" as objectivity, honesty and concision, is the core of how we deal with partners and customers.

We apply "Friend-Recommendation Theory" as product development standard. Not a single product will be launched if we would not recommend it to our friends around. Regarding quality and price, we will never claim "the best" or "the lowest" until it's scrupulously tested or proven. We admit that there is a long way towards our mission as a start-up company, especially the width of selections. But we choose to bring quality tools one by one from the source, and believe the path of evolving must go through step-by-step improving.