Handheld Pool Vacuum

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From pruning shears that effortlessly sculpt bushes to pool cleaning tools that make maintenance a breeze, Kraftek is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of tools essential for backyard enthusiasts.

The journey of Kraftek began with a simple yet profound idea: to design and create gardening tools that not only enhance outdoor experiences but also minimize environmental impact. At Kraftek, we believe in the power of innovation and eco-friendliness to inspire a love for life and the joy of creating with our hands. With this vision in mind, we embarked on a journey of exploration, blending cutting-edge technology with eco-friendly materials and practices.

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Start Your Vacuum

-How to install?

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- Choose a handle that meets your cleaning needs

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For the handle:
- Hold two bumps on the connection
- Push the curved handle (or extension pole)
- Snaped into the holes indicate a secure connection

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For the brush head:
- Align the vacuum head with the main unit's suction port
- Push until it clicks, securing it in position.

-How to use?

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- Turn on the device 
- Put vacuum into water quickly to prevent running dry

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- Ready for using once the water reservoir is full

-Tips to use

- Water temperature range:4°C(39.2°F)-35°C(95°F).
- The device cannot be used to clean combustible, gaseous or explosive fluids.
- Never let it run dry and never operate it with fully closed intake power.
- For optimal performance, it's important to maintain regular cleaning and charging habits.

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To clean shallow areas lower than 11.8'':
1. Start by placing the device flat and dipping it until the water chamber is full and no bubbles come out.
2. Lift the handle while keeping the vacuum head underwater and continue cleaning.

Maintain Your Vacuum

-How to charge?

NOTE: Remember to fully recharge the battery post-use to avoid depletion during idle periods.

pool vacuum_charge_1.jpg__PID:ec0b67fc-f1d7-4a2d-823b-14e14c2f51f0

- Remove the charger from its packaging
- Turn off the unit's power switch to expose the charging port

pool vacuum_charge_2.jpg__PID:0b67fcf1-d7aa-4dc2-bb14-e14c2f51f0d1

- Plug the charger into the unit
- A red light shows charging, while a green light indicates a full charge

-How to exchange & clean the filter bag?

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To exchange the filter bag:
1. Match the filter bag's groove with the water chamber edge
2. Firmly secure the lid and lock its edges into the rubber ring's groove.
3. Slide the semi-circular handle back to the top catch until it clicks, confirming the lid is locked securely.

pool vacuum_clean_2.jpg__PID:fcf1d7aa-2dc2-4b14-a14c-2f51f0d1f6bc

To clean the filter bag:
1. Open the water chamber by pulling the semi-circular handle
2. Take out the filter bag
3. Wash off debris under running water
4. Put everything back together following previous steps.

Common Trouble Shooting

Q: Machine fails to start or operate?

- Check the battery by plugging in the charger
      A red light indicates charging
      A green light indicates fully charged
- Try restarting

*NOTE: After using the machine for more than 40 minutes at a stretch, please recharge before storing.

Q: Missing accessories?

- Review all components listed in the manual
- Contact us for a complimentary replacement with your photos

Q: Motor runs without suction in shallow water zones?

- Ensure the water tank is filled
- If empty, gently submerge the unit until the tank absorbs sufficient water
- Proceed to lift the handle and operate

*NOTE: The impeller won't draw water into the machine without water in the tank.

Q: Extended handle cannot be inserted in?

- Gently assess if the extension rod is stuck
- Relieve tension on the first section of the extension pole
- Insert the extension pole